Modern business solutions

Successful management of your business requires relevant and accessible information accompanied by expert advice.


Using a singular data base we ease access to accounting software, data entry and everyday assessment of company processes.


Synchronising workflow with accounting benefits efficiency and improves your business. Permanent storage and quick processing of accounting records in digital form ensure faster records flow and severely lower costs of creation, transfer and archival.

Simplified business digitalisation

With our support, business digitalisation is easy. Switch and adapt to a new software solution quickly and efficiently.


According to your needs, we help you pick software, adjust software settings and define reports for management. Through either long-term or temporary collaboration we provide support for software solutions and system automatisation.

The right information at the right moment

A single database allows you complete insight into your business, accounting and financial reports 24/7.


Storing your entire documentation and bookkeeping reports on the same database makes it easier for you to find the necessary information, analyse your business and provide monthly reports for management.

Remote accounting allows you to supervise your company results in real time.


Support for digital business transformation

A high quality accounting system is the foundation for successful entrepreneurship, growth and market presence. In collaboration with our partners at Saop Ltd. we offer you support for digital business transformation.


We provide consulting services to entrepreneurs who want to improve their business by implementing advanced technologies. As intermediates in new software implementation, depending on individual needs and company specifics, we help you define software demands, install the system and identify necessary reports.

The best business solution

A significant advantage of a digital business is using a singular data set. Our software solutions connect you to your accounting 24-7. We ensure prompt data entry, workflow supervision and access to financial reports.


With the help of our partners, we organise basic employee training for work with new technologies and systems. We provide basic software installation with selected modules and an open database for accounting records.

We form a cost plan according to your needs, apply profit centres and define management report settings.

The singular database allows you access to accounting software that transfers documentation between your dislocated business units; amongst each other, yourself and accountancy.

Data entry and records using the same database functions both ways, greatly rationing workflow. This business solution allows you to create daily financial reports and analyses to base future business decisions and create financial projections.

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