Accounting is not only a legal obligation but also the main source of useful data. It is important to have the support of a professional accountancy.

We offer accounting and financing services to companies and trades in various sectors.

Professional accounting
Rely on our team of experts. We offer accounting services wherever you are; remotely processing data in our or your system, per mutual agreement.

Based on provided records and accounts, we can efficiently manage your ledgers and payroll as well as financial and account reports, keeping them up-to-date.

We offer a complete package of bookkeeping services and prepare accounting and booking in multiple dimensions for defined revenue, cost and investment centres.

We analyse existing accounting records and make corrections, updates and new bookings of previous assessment periods as needed.

Consulting alongside your enterprise

We follow and guide your path; founding your company, choosing a business and tax model, using state benefits and incentives.

Find solutions for your growth and development as we adapt to your enterprise dynamic.

Managing a company requires constant learning to ensure its long-term growth and survival. We help you collect reliable data and make sure you can analyse it appropriately.

We ensure a full analysis of your business and financial position, evaluate your firm, test and research bookkeeping and accounting in order to find avenues for improvement.

Reports for your needs

Create your own business plans, follow them through and control their execution. We offer support and consulting in financial planning, reporting and analysis.

Based on your records and after conducting deep analysis, we organise and make periodic reports for management, specially tuned to your needs.

Relevant high-quality data is the starting point for an objective assessment of your financial position, taking the correct business measures and making your business more flexible.