Accounting – Outsourcing

Focus on your core business activities and improve your business effectiveness with one of our available models of outsourcing, all while maintaining supervision and control.

Our outsourcing service saves you significant administrative and software costs. Adapt to new legislations, laws and technologies quickly and easily.

Accounting in the cloud

We enable your accounting remotely through the web; anytime, anywhere.


Accounting in the cloud ensures your business uses a unified data base; simplify your workload, from making documents to process automatisation.

Take advantage of doing business with less paperwork: send invoices over a mobile app and a document inbox. Fill out invoices and travel orders easier and look into your financial reports at any given moment.


Outsourcing salaries

Our external model of payroll ensures you have accurate and regulated salaries, as well as data protection.


Outsourcing your payroll saves you time and money, regardless what software you use or how you handle your accounts.

The external payroll model we provide is an independent and separable service, using our own software solutions.

All records and payrolls are safely stored on our servers, ensuring complete data secrecy and dislocation of salary information outside of the company itself.

Services adapted to your needs

Professional support, advice and collaboration is necessary for efficient internal accounting.


We offer support for your administrative and accounting tasks. We check accounting records and the implementation of your bookkeeping with a unified data base, to minimise errors and improve your workflow.

We make forms for institutions and create reports for management. Besides professional accounting services, we also offer business and tax consulting to provide the best possible holistic business solution.

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