Software support

Modern IT technologies make everyday company tasks easier and are invaluable to stay viable and feasible on the market.

In cooperation with the Zagreb-based company Saop Ltd. we provide clients the choice between modern software solutions Minimax and iCenter.

Advanced ERP systems enable smooth links between our accountancy and your business, simple documentation transfer, data access and report inspection.


We use Minimax to handle accounting in the cloud, a modern tool for quick data entry and detailed business analysis. Minimax is an excellent communications platform for documentation and information exchange between you and your accountancy no matter where you are.


Our document inbox enables delivery and archival of the entire documentation in digital form. Communication and bookkeeping is kept on the same database. You can check your reports (revenue and deficit, balance sheet, open clauses) at any time.

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ERP business information system

The ERP business information system iCenter is an external accounting services software solution for smaller and mid-sized companies.

The information system iCenter is completely adaptable to any company process regardless how complex they may be.


iCenter is a software solution that enables simultaneous administrative and accounting efforts on the same server and database.

iCenter is easy to use and can define several access levels to ensure data secrecy and security. Employees can use and view only their assigned elements of the system. These access levels can be defined for both accountancy and management. Software modules such as the post log (for documentation transfer and storage) or personnel records (master data, attendance and timetable records) are only some of the available solutions that speed up the flow of information and make documentation exchange easier.

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