Tax advisory

Optimising your business and tax liabilities requires efficient management of your taxes and tax risks.

Tax consulting ensures the proper fulfilment of tax ordinances, as mandated by the Act on Tax Advisory. We offer advice on all tax matters and continuously check in on your business.

Dora Tripalo, certified tax advisor
The right information
We rigorously follow changes and additions to laws and acts. Get notified of any major tax news ahead of schedule.
We introduce you to tax terminology and procedures, the tax system and related laws. We aim to simplify your business and ease your understanding of tax acts. We pay special attention to data confidentiality, in strict accordance to the Act on the Protection of Data Secrecy.
Full-time support
Keep your business in line with legislative framework; we ensure support for proper handling of accounting and tax records.

In order for internal accounting to efficiently function, as well as minimising errors and improving the workspace, it is important to have professional support when following accounting and tax regulations.

We offer advice on current tax matters and draft tax forms.

The best tax solutions
We analyse your business and present a service package according to your individual needs. Find your optimal tax solution and make returns on taxes.

Understanding tax laws is the key to excellent tax management and tax risks assessment, optimising your tax liability. We offer consulting services through continuous support as well as occasional business collaboration.

Expert help

We make it easier to communicate with the Tax Department, help with tax inspections and other tax related procedures for tax administration.

We offer you professional help with Tax Department procedures, give our opinions, answer inquiries and organise consultations.

We are here to guide and support you in starting up and going through various processes (tax assessment, tax inspection, enforcement, validating asset sources…) After new tax legislations are enacted we help you form remedies and provide expert insight during court proceedings.